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Christmas at Proctors

Complete your festive display this year with one of our bespoke handmade Christmas wreaths. Holly Christmas wreaths are hung on our doors to welcome visitors and offer goodwill, their circular shape is a symbol of eternal life and the evergreen brightening the dark days of winter.

Hand made in Staffordshire by our nimble fingered wreath makers, with all fresh holly and spruce harvested from our very own farm.

The Christmas wreaths are made from sustainable foliage

Make sure you hang a wreath or garland at the door this Christmas in true Dickensian fashion and make sure your friends, family and neighbours know that your house is dedicated to the Christmas spirit that these represent. Beautiful, ornate and custom made, our wreaths and garlands are cut fresh from Christmas tree offcuts and beautiful holly sprigs, then delivered to your doorstep.

We have many more styles of Christmas Wreaths available to purchase at the Nursery.
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The quintessential original Christmas tree, the Norway Spruce has been grown on UK shores since Victorian times and is the variety people mostly associate with christmas. Its classic shape, look and fresh scent all contribute to that traditional and nostalgic christmas feeling. Sporting dark green foliage all year round and featuring a good symmetrical conical shape, with thin prickly needles that sit sharply rigid, perfect for hanging up those decorations. Needle retention on this particular variety can be poor if it is not properly looked after, but given plenty of water and care then needle loss should be minimal.


Currently the best selling Christmas tree in the UK, Nordmann Firs are much loved for their symmetrical shape, hardiness and their glossy dark green foliage which is slightly scented. The Nordmann Fir is blessed with excellent needle retention, unlike some varieties it will hold on to its needles as long as possible, they will start to slightly curl inward rather than completely fall off at first. This means less hoovering and more time admiring the beautiful foliage of this tree. The tree itself requires very little training or pruning, while it is outside a slight trim once or twice a year to help keep its shape is usually all that is required.


Our pot grown Christmas trees are purpose grown to be the perfect Christmas addition to your home. Better still, unlike our fresh cut Christmas trees, our pot grown varieties can be kept for up to three years. Easy to maintain, simple to decorate and low-fuss, these pot grown trees make for a decadent display with little effort.


Suitable for houses and offices of any size. After Christmas, just un-decorate it and let it grow happily in its pot for 12 months. When next Christmas comes around, all you need to do is move it to a larger pot and bring it back indoors! The perfect way to grow your own Christmas tree at home.


With four wonderful low-maintenance varieties to choose from, a pot grown Christmas tree doesn’t just need to be for Christmas, it can last you a long time afterwards as well! Pick from our real Christmas trees in pots now