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Vinca is the perfect plant for groundcover, often seen growing down hillsides or banks where otherwise may look bare. With over 30 varieties of Vinca and we feel we have the best available to buy online. With several different flower colours, spread between the beautiful green foliage you will be sure to find something to fill the areas that look a little sparse. All our Vinca are well established and garden ready, so it can be planted as soon as it is delivered to your door.


Vinca is very hardy, being able to deal with temperatures down to -20c and doesn’t need too much sun, so being in a nicely shaded area of the garden will be perfect. Some Vincas can give over one meter ground coverage, so you are getting a lot of coverage for a very competitive price. If positioned correctly within the garden, Vinca needs little aftercare, just ensure it is not planted to close to other specimens as with its prolific spreading it can take over areas.